9:45 am- 11 am

 Morning Workshops
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

A Simple Toolkit to Streamline Your Essential Documents

Led by Kay H. Bransford, Founder, MemoryBanc

In today’s busy world it is important for adults to organize their documents and accounts. Leave this workshop with a checklist on what to save, what to shred, and ways to record personal, financial and medical information needed for yourself or a loved one.

Aging in Place Is an Option

Panel discussion moderated by Patricia Rohrer, Long Term Care Program Manager, Fairfax County Health Department.   Panelists include Karen Skeens, Goodwin House at Home; Judy Seiff, McLean Community Village Association (McLeanCVA); and Debijo Wheatley, Aging in Place Interior Designer

Today there are more options than ever available to “age in place.”  We will hear about different options, including the “village” concept, living independently with home assistance, as well as designs for home modifications.

Are You Smarter Than Your Phone?

Led by Jackie Rich, Fairfax County Senior Centers

Do you think social media is just for the younger generation or that it is too risky or complicated? Think again! Explore the pros and cons of Facebook, Facetime, Skype and Google Duo. We will also talk about the importance of staying connected to friends and family and staying safe online.

Better Brain Health:  Save Your Memory and Your Mind!

Led by Susan Wranik, MS. MA, CCC-SLP of Susan I. Wranik Associates, L.L.C.

Based on the clinical protocol for treating short term memory issues and cognitive deficits, this upbeat, interactive program explains what’s happening to your memory, why and what you can do about it.  This is an engaging program including simple self-helps and exercises for use at home.

Clean Up Your Act: Downsizing and Decluttering

Led by Maria Spetalnik, Certified Professional Organizer

It seems so simple to declutter and downsize, so why is it so hard?  Maria shares her professional tips and tricks to help make these processes as smooth as possible.

Tai Chi: A Path to Balance and Flexibility

Led by Pauline Reid, Instructor

One of the main causes of falling by seniors is a lack of physical movements leading to lower flexibility and balance. As you age, you may be less energetic than before and thus less inclined to exercise. Tai Chi (Tie Chee), an ancient Chinese martial art form with slow and gently flowing movements, might be a suitable exercise option to consider.

The Street Smart Senior:  How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Led by a staff member from Office of Attorney General, Mark R. Herring

Public safety threats are always changing and, unfortunately, criminals are continuing to target older adults.  Increase your awareness of identity theft, consumer fraud and telemarketing scams, and learn how to protect yourself from being a victim of these crimes.

What’s Cookin’ for One or Two?

Led by Kristen McGill, RD, LDN, Giant Food

Planning and cooking for smaller portions can sometimes be challenging. Save time and money by learning strategies on how to purchase and prepare nutritious and delicious meals, along with keeping waste to a minimum.